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Happy Halloween Mummy by BunnyMommy Happy Halloween Mummy :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 0
Selling the Dream
The Chances did not have a lot of things that other families might have, but in some ways, they had more. They had love, loyalty, and a general protectiveness of each-other. People on the outside looking in would probably be surprised to know just how much, but as far as Burt was concerned, they could stick it where the sun don't shine. He never cared what others thought like Virginia or Jimmy had. All he cared about was right back in that house, as insane as it sometimes was. He looked at Jimmy, riding the mower, shirtless with Burt's cowboy hat, giving a flirtatious smile to Gwen, the moderately attractive housewife that he had been forced to stop his own flirtation with because after talking about it, it was just weird, for both of them.
But, for the past two weeks, he'd passed this one on to Jimmy, and it seemed to be doing all right- if anything, a little better he thought, with a slight grin of pride. The boy was growing up... Burt still took over most of them, however. He had sh
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 1
Of Ice Cream and Almost Kisses
Joanie sat on her porch, idly running her hand over a large daisy rooted to the ground, when Chachi came up with a Styrofoam cup in his hand, and held it out to her.
"Gotcha some ice cream." he said shyly.
Joanie took the offering and looked down. He knew her favorite, butter pecan with hot caramel sauce. He'd even remembered the crumbled Nestle's Crunch Bar on top. She smiled at him.
"That's sweet, what's this for?"
"I... I've been feeling like a heel. All afternoon." he admitted quietly, and handed her the small plastic spoon.
Joanie's eyebrows went up, but she took a small bite, and her eyes closed in satisfaction. "Mmm..." she said, and Chachi smiled.
She looked over at him. "You're not. Why would you say so?"
"Because." he said flatly. "I didn't pick you up fireman style and just haul your butt out of that place." he admitted. "Because I couldn't bring myself to just tell you what kind of a place that was, because then you'd know that I-"
But, he was cut off when Joanie jammed the
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 0
While You Sleep
Carol woke up to hear yelling. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at Boner, in his undershirt and jeans, who was against her wall with a deer-in-the-headlights look.
"Mr. Seaver, I swear..." he said, holding his hands up in a placating manner. "You gotta know nothin' happened."
"You were in her bed!" Jason roared.
"I'm too young to be a grandmother!" Maggie wailed dramatically. "I'm still hot, damnit!"
"Mom, Daddy, stop it!" Carol said, standing up on the bed, and then stepping in front of Boner.
Mike was standing in the doorway, looking like he was seeing an alien autopsy in real life. Ben was behind him.
"Boner didn't do anything wrong- we didn't do anything wrong!" Carol said vehemently.
"You really expect us to believe that?" Maggie huffed. "Pfft, please, Carol, give us a little credit!"
"How about giving me, your good child, a little credit?" Carol yelled loudly.
"Carol! He was in your bed!" Jason yelled.
Boner swallowed hard.
"And, I'm telling you that nothing happened! You can beli
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 0
Hold My Hand
Chachi Arcola leaned back self-satisfiedly in the booth at Arnold's. He'd been 15 for all of a month, and he'd finally gotten some third-base action with a comely young blonde cheerleader. At least he was keeping up family traditions; maybe one day he'd be close on par with Fonzie- well, maybe, he thought to himself. True, he didn't much like the girl- she was cloying and overly peppy- but, action was action, that's what he figured. That's how Fonzie seemed to play it, so what was the harm?
Joannie came up about then, her eyes suspiciously swollen and red. He sat up immediately, frowning.
"Hey, you been cryin'?" he demanded.
"No..." she lied, her voice thick.
Chachi sighed, putting an arm around her. "What happened? Do I get to go beat up that twerp you've been dating?" he asked hopefully.
Joannie smiled up at him. "I'm not dating him anymore, and he's two heads taller than you. But, thank you." she said, laying her head on his shoulder.
"Hey, offer still stands, Blue Eyes." Chachi sai
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 0
Goodbye Heart
Two years after Joanie and Chachi tied the knot, they were living in New Jersey, and expecting their first child. They were doing moderately well in the music business, and everyone was proud for them. The family was flying down for the birth: Fonzie and Ashley, who had gotten married shortly after Danny's adoption went through, because she left her good-for-nothing ex-husband again, realizing the mistake she had made, were coming with their kids, Danny, Heather, and little baby Henry. Richie and Lori Beth were coming with their two, Richie Junior and Ruby, and of course the grandparents were coming.
But, they were too late- they were due to come in around four p.m., and at nine a.m., Joanie tapped Chachi on the arm.
"Chach, my water broke." she said, and he hopped up, dashing so madly around he smacked his forehead on the wall trying to grab her suitcase.
Joanie smiled, though she was in pain, and shook her head. "Charles Edward Arcola! Get up!" she yelled. "You have to write a note f
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 0
Oh, My, My, My
~She said, I was seven and you were nine
I looked at you like the stars that shined
In the sky, the pretty lights
And our daddies used to joke about the two of us
Growing up and falling in love and our mamas smiled
And rolled their eyes and said oh my my my~
Joanie Cunningham sat down in her room- the same room that had been hers since high-school. Silly, she'd wanted to move back home, hadn't she? Whyhad she, though, when she and Chachi were so happy in Chicago? At the moment, Joanie couldn't remember. Maybe it was fear, allowing her to let herself become a little girl again, living home under Mommy and Daddy's rule. She was over 20- 21 in a month- and she didn't have a good reason in her head other than being a quitter. She'd given up on singing- which she loved- to be a teacher, which she wasn't that good at.
After today... she just couldn't fathom it. Her head dropped into her hands and she began sobbing uncontrollably. She could still feel those hands on her, the cold chalkboard a
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 0
Jungle Love
Jackie sat on the couch, on the end next to Steven. Kelso was on her other side, then there was Fez and Eric. It was one a.m., and they were watching a very old movie, Tarzan and his Mate. Jackie loved those old movies. She wished she could have lived in the 30s, when women dressed and acted like women, and men were manly.
"Don't'cha just love Jane's hair, Donna?" Jackie chirped. "Women in the 30s and 40s really knew how to style it up. You don't see Jane using the jungle as an excuse to be a stringy haired slob... no sir. But... look at who she had to look sexy for..." Jackie swooned.
"I gotta admit... ole' Johnny could shake my trees anytime..." Donna giggled.
Eric's eyes widened. Donna didn't usually speak like that, but, it was late, and she got a little punchy when she was tired.
"Yes, nice for your fiancée to hear..." Eric said with a headshake.
Donna giggled. "Sorry..."
Eric turned the TV down and grinned at Donna. "Let's make it more fun--- let's make up what they're sayin
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 3 4
The Way I Loved You
~He is sensible and so incredible
And all my single friends are jealous
He says everything I need to hear and it's like
I couldn't ask for anything better
He opens up my door and I get into his car
And he says you look beautiful tonight
And I feel perfectly fine~
Fez opened up the door to Hyde's record store, walking in and keeping it open as Jackie bounced inside, dressed to impress. Hyde raised an eyebrow.
"So, you're keeping up this charade that you're more than just roommates?" Hyde asked sarcastically.
Eric smirked.
"Why? Do you care, Steven?" Jackie asked, her tone just as beligerant as his.
Hyde fumbled. "Uh... no, no... if you wanna waste Fez's time, that's... cool."
"Now, Hyde, you should apologize to my lady."
"But, Fez--"
"Apologize..." he whined, "you're making me look less than manly."
"No, that'd be the skintight pants you're wearing, dude." Hyde smirked.
"Fine. I say good day. Come on, Jackie." he said, giving her arm a small tug.
But, Jackie looked dazed, lost in a memo
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 3 2
Mature content
Let's Spend the Night Together :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 0
And Her Prince Finally Woke Up
Jackie walked into the basement with Chip, and Hyde stood up.
"What the hell is he doing here?"
"What?" Jackie asked innocently. "If you can bring the professional whore down here, I can bring Chip." Jackie said brightly.
"I woke up after a three month bender, married." Hyde said through clenched teeth.
"Don't see ya getting it annulled, though." Jackie countered.
"Steven... I am right here." Sam said, huffing.
"... and?" Hyde said with a shrug.
Sam growled, huffing to herself. Two days in Wisconsin, and so far, she wasn't much liking 'sober Hyde'.
Chip sat onto the couch with a smirk, yanking Jackie into his lap. She yelped in slight surprise, but then righted herself. Hyde narrowed his eyes at Chip, frowning, arms folded.
"And, anyway," Jackie continued talking, "Fez has brought multiple girls down here... That Patty bitch, Crazy Caroline, Nina... Big Rhonda-"
"Ooooh!" Kelso interrupted. "Big Rhonda went to fat camp, and she came back hot!"
"It's not nice to call it 'fat camp', Kelso
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 5
Avengers, Assemble by BunnyMommy Avengers, Assemble :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 13 5 Batgirl and Robin by BunnyMommy Batgirl and Robin :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 0 0
My Other Life
Dean sat down, rubbing his forehead. Crowley was just sitting, out in the open... and he looked, well, smashed...
"What d'you want?" he asked grumpily.
"What are you even doing here? Are you following us?" he demanded gruffly.
"You know, Winchester, the world does not revolve around your lilly white arse!" Crowley growled. "I'm having an issue."
"Issue..." Dean echoed, clearly confused.
"Sod off!" Crowley said, taking another drink of his favorite aged scotch. "Y'know, you're not... you're not the only three people in the world to me! You're not... you're not the only ones I play with..." he slurred.
Dean's eyebrows went up, mildly amused at his drunken state. "Maybe I can take advantage of this..." he thought to himself.
"I mean, there's this group... they know me as the human I'm riding... Oh, you think you hate me? They really hate me... they think I'm some sort of demon!"
"You are a demon." Dean said patiently.
"Yes, yes..." Crowley waved off. "But, they don'tknow that for real, do
:iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 2
Mature content
Think Twice :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 1 2
Mature content
Merry Christmas, Eliot Spencer :iconbunnymommy:BunnyMommy 2 2


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